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Listen to your heart

Choose top quality from one of the most modern and sustainable lubricant factories in Europe. Developed for all those who love engines and transmissions and who are passionate about their performance. Change to ROWE now!

The Oil Cross Reference Guide

Advantages at a glance:

  • Reliable comparison of equivalent products with the large ROWE product range
  • Transparent result on approvals or specifications in just a few seconds
  • Simple changeover to suitable ROWE products


Why change? Because everything is JUST RIGHT WITH US!

Produkt Kollage


Innovative and high-quality lubricants “Made in Germany” – that is what we have stood for since 1995. ROWE offers a full range of engine oils, transmission and hydraulic oils, brake fluids, greases, coolants, additives and car care products.
As an owner-managed family company, we are committed to value-oriented relationships with specialist retailers and workshops.
Discover our product range and find the right oil for your needs!

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Workshop concept with heart and mind

ROWE offers much more than high-quality lubricants for businesses. The ROWE workshop concept offers solutions for everything from storage to use – innovative, modern and versatile, and at the same time user-friendly and customer-oriented. It therefore ideally complements the extensive range of ROWE quality lubricants. The concept includes a large number of accessories that are produced exclusively for daily use by retailers and workshops. These include:

  • Mobile oil delivery systems for maximum flexibility in the workshop
  • Stationary tank systems for delivering lubricants
  • Oil cabinets for safe and regulation-compliant storage of lubricants in workrooms
  • Barrel racks for practical storage and small-quantity filling of lubricants, including drip collecting tray
  • Waste oil collection systems and extraction equipment to make oil changes even easier
  • Servicing and maintenance equipment for automatic transmissions to clean and maintain the entire system
  • Numerous other accessories to support your daily work
  • Mahle gear oil service unit ATX 280 enables professional oil change service for automatic transmissions


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Attractive design, high quality


Mahle gear oil service unit ATX 280

ROWE barrel rack

ROWE waste oil collection system

ROWE mobile oil delivery system

Unitech tank PE Combi PNP Comfort

Workshop lubricant cabinet

Drip collecting tray with grille

ROWE barrel pump

WITH HEART AND responsibility: OUR production

The ROWE factory in Worms was designed and built with sustainability in mind from day one. Our 65 km of pipes are dedicated lines that are used only for a specific product – this protects the environment because there is no need for countless pipe flushing operations.

We also save energy and keep transport distances short with a host of other measures:

  • Roof-mounted photovoltaic system

  • Modern process control system

  • Re-use of the waste heat for heating the factory halls and for the manufacturing processes

  • Own container production on site with 50% recycled material

  • Fully Co2-compensated production (since 2017)


More about our factory


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Our commitment to motorsport is not just simply about a passion for the sport but also enables us to obtain important information about product performance. With the “driving laboratory”, ROWE conducts research into new lubricants, optimises formulations, and creates conditions that cannot be replicated in any laboratory in the world. We can therefore guarantee the highest quality standards and are able to offer our customers a large number of approvals from renowned manufacturers. And we are also successful at the same time.